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Info Regarding Recent Server Issues

djoveryde aOWNERIMMORTALWoW Head-Dev posted Jul 21, 16

9:00pm, Wednesday: As of 10 minutes ago all servers are back up and running. We have confirmed that all cockroaches are now out of the core!

Thankyou again to everyone who has stuck by us during these testing times. We honestly do appreciate all your support!


5:30pm, Wednesday: We are pretty much ready, so now its a waiting game for the backup files to transfer back to the core. Once this has completed I can begin reintegration and hopefully we will have working servers in a few hours.

UPDATE, 11:21am, Wednesday: We have worked tirelessly through the night to make sure all servers were backed up securely, which as of around 3am we can confirm everything looks to have been moved successfully.

We are now in the process of making sure the core is 100% secure and protected from any attemps to attack the servers.

Once we have that in place I will begin the tireless work to re-set the core back up for the servers to return to and get the servers back up and online as soon as possible.

We also just before reset found the cause for the lag, and can confirm that it should be lag free once up :)

Due to continuation of lag to the servers we have decided we are going to completely reset the Core.

We are in the process of backing up all the servers presently.

Currently we are unable to give an ETA on downtime as there is a large amount of data to backup and reimplement.

xCookieSlayer GOD I'm impressed! Good work to all the staff trying there best to get the server up and going. As far as I can see you...
djoveryde aOWNERIMMORTALWoW Head-Dev ok guys, I wont reset, although I'm gonna have to fix up towny's spawn once the servers are back up
__Minecraftian__ The main world still has loads to find... I can easily find new things just by randomporting. I think the Twilight and E...

Arcadia Servers Essential Maintenance - 21st June 2016

djoveryde aOWNERIMMORTALWoW Head-Dev posted Jun 21, 16

As most of you are aware we have been around for nearly 4 years now. Most of the servers have not had mainenance in a long time which is starting to show (namely on Voltz).

So I will be progressively taking servers down for essential Maintenance in order to check and fix any corrupt chunks or degraded player data in order to keep the servers running smoothly.

This will only affect our Hexx Core as the Arc Core servers are fairly new (aVolts, Arcadian Sky, Tekk Reborn).

Servers in Green are Completed, Red are in progress and White are unchecked.

Appologies for the downtime but I think you'd rather that than a server that repeatedly dies ;)

Hexx Reloaded: Factions

Hexx Reloaded: Towny

Tekkit Legends: Factions

Voltz 2.0.4

Tekkit Legends: Towny