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Hexx servers lack of obelisks

djoveryde aOWNERIMMORTALWoW Head-Dev posted Aug 7, 16

UPDATE: I have attempted to fix the issue using a soft reset any way possible however structures and items still fail to load into the world. Unfortunately the only way forward was a complete world reset. Sadly we couldnt keep user data as the ID's for all the items have changed dramatically.

This is a one time reset! I will not be doing this a second time anytime soon.

I can also confirm that all structures are now generating ok (have seen them myself).

Time to rebuild guys

Hey guys so we have found a serious issue regarding both hexx servers.

basically the core world gen data is corrupted which is one reason why obelisks are refusing to load into the world even after changing the key in which it loads.

im fairly confident that the only way (and I really didn't want to do this!) to fix everything would be to master reset the worlds on both servers. That will allow everything to spawn again correctly.

i need your thoughts on this as hexx players because this would mean going back to the start. The servers only ever had a soft reset keeping the players data files which in this case will not work.

On the other side of this a core world reset means we can add old mods back in ready. So if you are happy to reset please let me know what mods you want re-adding. Lycannites and metallurgy are both returning I know that much.

__Minecraftian__ Is there any chance you could remove the Lycanite Mobs mod? From what I've seen, no-one likes the mod. The mobs spa...
djoveryde aOWNERIMMORTALWoW Head-Dev I have confirmed that a soft reset will not fix the issue sadly. This would be a one time reset in itself. Factions will...
djoveryde aOWNERIMMORTALWoW Head-Dev Item ID's would change dramatically on reset, unless a soft reset cures the issue... I can certainly test the theor...


djoveryde aOWNERIMMORTALWoW Head-Dev posted Aug 4, 16

Hey guys, me again ;)

So as you know Arcadia has been up for 4 years straight, and through that time i've been there every step of the way keeping literally everything running consistent (well as consistent as possible considering voltz was a generic mess when I first opened Arcadia).

I just want to give you all a heads up on what we are working on regarding Arcadia and its future!

We're going to be under-going some monumental changes here at Arcadia Networks.

We've now added Volcanid to the team, and we've divided our brainpower to create some fantastic ideas for Arcadia Network.

We're going to be adding some brand new servers to our list, you might have seen Team Fortress 2 which Volcanid has been working on, however we're looking at implementing many new servers, websites & ideas to our happy network. Here on, and forever, Arcadia Network will remember this day, as we grow together as a community.

Please do not be frightened by these changes, we have not lost our way, and our players are our most valuable assets, we will always, and forever have you in our minds when making a change, so we will be running CONSTANT polls to see what our community would like us to implement.

Minecraft will always be our starting point so we aren't going to abandon what we built. Volcanid will also be working on bringing Tekkit Legends back to life along with Pixelmon (obviously I will be there every step to make sure we have strong and hopefully stable modpacks/servers for you all to enjoy).

If you guys ever have any issues with any of the servers please let us know via the forums. Private messaging doesn't always get answered and it will reduce the time to get a response as we can all see and reply to the forum posts :)


The Trinity.

DJOveryde, oXremixXo & JCBM

Noble_2_Assassin GODCRONUS i look forward to the fantastic future in which we are advancing towards, and i hope that it all goes well
jedi13 Whatever the future may hold, I'm excited for it.
Spartansoldier13 For the Pixelmon server, can it be something different than every other pixelmon modpack. I mean, maybe make Pixelmon Co...