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Voltz Server Status

djoveryde aOWNERIMMORTALWoW Head-Dev posted May 12, 16

Voltz has now been migrated over to our faster core server.

This has already had a noticable effect on performance.

For those of you unable to connect please change your IP to This should get you on.

For those who cannot get on even after please let me know.


New Teamspeak Server!

djoveryde aOWNERIMMORTALWoW Head-Dev posted Apr 14, 16

Hey all, so we have been busy working behind the scenes to update the website and just give the general arcadia world an overhaul.

We are still working on the website however we do have the Teamspeak server finally completed and better than ever!

So for those of you who use our teamspeak server, please change your IP over to the following:

Please let us know if theres any issues with the Teamspeak server, or if there is anything that shouldnt be working the way it is.

jxcksxn u told me to tell you so, but um its still not working for me, sorry.
djoveryde aOWNERIMMORTALWoW Head-Dev Hopefully it should work now. Double check you have Most players are US based and can connect fi...
jxcksxn Me and my brother tried joining with the new IP but the server still seems to not work. Sorry, this server is very impor...