Returning to single player!

By djoveryde aDivineWoW Head-Dev - Posted Aug 6, 17

Hey guys, so for the past year we have been Running under the wing of Digital Hazards in order to protect us from serverside hack attacks. 

Sadly this co-alition is ending soon so we will be slowly migrating back to how things were.

This does also mean pushing donations as for the past year donations would go straight into the pocket of digital Hazards to keep the servers operational. This means Arcadia itself has a very tiny fund which needs to be bulked back up.

I am hoping that the transition will be smooth, fonix has kindly offered to help us settle in on a new server and will implement firewall protocols in order to reduce the likelyhood of anyone hacking into our systems again like we had a lot of last year.

Thankyou so much to all players who have stuck by us through the times where the server would bork out hopefully this will be the start of a stable future.